Pantene. The shampoo company that can’t speak English properly.

March 30, 2009

The Pantene advert that was on UK TVs over the recent winter period manages to not only say very little (as most of these products do), but it also manages the impressive feat of not even speaking in English that makes sense.
See the ad here.
It’s the voiceover that really gets me. I quote:
“I don’t mind winter, but not what it does to my hair.”

This sentence doesn’t make sense. Come on guys. I know recording sessions can drag on, but at least pay attention at some point.
How many people must have listened to this before it went on air? A lot is the answer. Agency people, clients, editors, the director, the producer, the creative team. And the list goes on. Overall it’s very, very poor.

It may seem pedantic of me to pick up on this, but it smacks of the brand not caring enough about their customers to bother. I also realise that these things are sometimes governed by time available. In this case, however, they could have constructed a sentence that makes sense without adding any extra length to the running time of the ad.

Just to help, the sentence would read better if it was: “I quite like winter, but not what it does to my hair.” And by ‘better’ I mean that it would have at least had a basis in grammar.
Feel free to send me a consultancy fee and any future writing you need doing.
Or even just get your Grammar function turned on in your Word spellcheck function. It’s not rocket science people.


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