An aeaeae website for beauxesprits and gongoozlers.

March 31, 2009

Translation: A magic website for intellectually gifted people and those who stare for hours at anything out of the ordinary.
What I’m alluding to here is a fantastic website called FreeRice. It’s a superb site that allows you to make the world a better place almost without lifting a finger.
Ask yourself: how often do you get the chance to make the world a better place whilst sitting on your bum, with a coffee in your hand?
Well, today you do. And if you’re any sort of decent person you’ll try to do it as many days as you can. It’s free and it makes you smarter.
Go to and start to play. It asks you what the definition of a word is, and gives you 4 options. For each question you get right they donate 10 grains of rice to the UN food programme. For FREE. And there’s no limit to how many grains you can donate, or how often you can do it. It’s like Karma in the bank. So to speak.

Many tiny actions can make a huge difference

Many tiny actions can make a huge difference

It also now has many other catagories, including maths, languages, chemistry, geography and art. Whichever subject you choose you’ll be doing the same good work. You learn new things and people who can’t afford food to survive also benefit. Everyone’s a winner. And, let me just mention again, it costs you nothing. Not a bean. Not even a grain.
So improve your vocabulary, or your maths, or anything you choose as you improve someone else’s life immeasurably. Tell as many people as you know. Donate rice and make a difference. If we all got behind this then the world could be a much fairer and better place.

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