Some uncomfortable facts about sofas.

March 31, 2009

These pile ’em high sell ’em cheap sofa shops like DFS and SCS are really beginning to take the mickey with their laughable attempts at promoting their sale prices.

They saw you coming, Coco

They saw you coming, Coco

And the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) are letting these businesses away with murder.
It used to be that your ‘full’ price had to be offered in a certain percentage of your stores for the immediate 2 weeks prior to the sale. This meant that stores couldn’t just say that an item had cost £100, and then offer 50% off, when in fact the item had cost, say, £60.

What these sneaky people at DFS and the like do is to offer the sofas at the higher price for the 2 weeks after the sale ends. This may not seem that much, but it is a huge difference. Once the sale ends, they are effectively admitting that they will not sell any more sofas (unless some real muppet happens along).

So they can make their inflated claims, and we have to sit and listen to what are, effectively, lies.
They are obeying the law of the land, but are being utterly morally corrupt as they do it. They, and the ASA, should be ashamed of themselves.
Imagine if you had to explain to your 5-year old daughter or your grandmother how you conduct business, and then see how justified you feel.
You heartless, lying, manipulative clowns.
And, just in case anyone thinks this is a case of sour grapes, it’s not. I’ve never even been into one of their stores. I prefer to put some money aside and buy a real sofa – sure it might cost more but it means that I can sit comfotable in the knowledge that I’ve paid for something that is worth it.


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