Kobe comes up trumps and wins his fourth Championship ring.

June 19, 2009

The LA Lakers won their 15th NBA Championship last week, and their first title since 2002.
They beat the Orlando Magic 4-1 in the best of seven series to clinch the title.
It was Kobe Bryant’s fourth Championship ring, and he also won the MVP award for his impressive display throughout the Finals. Sure he maybe dipped a little in the middle games, but when it came down to it he’s still the man to hit the impossible shots and create the spaces for his team mates to score.

Kobe dishes out some pain to the basket.

Kobe dishes out some pain to the basket.

The Lakers are coached by Phil Jackson who won his tenth title. I’ll just repeat that. He has been in charge ten times of teams that have won the NBA Finals. This feat is unmatched and is almost impossible to explain how difficult this is to achieve. He won six titles with the all conquering Chicago Bulls team of the 90s that included Scottie Pippin, Dennis Rodman and the imperious Michael Jordan. He’s now won four with the Lakers.
It was great to watch Kobe Bryant and his team mates running riot on the court. Pau Gasol was huge for the Lakers. He was king of the rebounds and kept the Orlando offence nice and quiet. And the veteran Derek Fisher hit some huge three pointers at crucial times for the Lakers.
Game 1: Orlando 75 Lakers 100 Watch the highlight here.
Game 2: Orlando 96 Lakers 101 Watch the highlights here.
Game 3: Lakers 104 Orlando 108 Watch the highlights here.
Game 4: Lakers 99 Orlando 91 Watch the highlights here.
Game 5: Lakers 99 Orlando 86 Watch the highlights here.

All in all it was a hugely entertaining Finals. And one in which Kobe finally came of age and emerged from Shaq’s shadow.
Watch Kobe in his element here. It’s easy to see why people compare him to the legendary MJ. Congratulations Kobe and the Lakers.

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