Lightning Bolt strikes twice.

August 22, 2009

The phenomenon that is Usain Bolt has excelled his own exceedingly high standards. Last week at the World Athletic Championships in Berlin he smashed the 100 metres world record, with the new record now standing at 9.58 seconds. It seems almost unfair on the other athletes. They’re running personal bests and getting nowhere near Usain. At least this time he didn’t slow down after 90 metres, as he did when he last smashed the world record.

Taking it in his stride

Taking it in his stride

He talked down his own chances in the 200 metres. He told how he’d been involved in a car accident in Jamaica and hadn’t really trained for a month as he prepared for the World Championships.
He started the race like a rocket and just kept going. He hammered everyone else, and once again set a new world record. This time he clocked 19.19 seconds. Which is just staggering.
See him destroy the field in the 100 metres here.
And then watch him get past everyone before he’s even come off the bend in the 200 metres here.
And he seems like a really nice bloke as well. In any interviews he seems humble and grounded and not a compete moron who’s self-centred and aloof. Unlike several thousand footballers I could mention.
He’s still a young man, so I reckon the world record will continue to tumble over the coming years.
He reckons he can run the 100 in 9.4 seconds. It would be a brave (or stupid) man to bet against him achieving it. I’ll be cheering him along and enjoying the excitement he brings to each race he enters.
One thing is for certain. This is one lightning bolt that will definitely strike more than once.

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