The stock market. It’s like the bookies for rich folk.

August 22, 2009

After all the problems in the world economy I love stories like this one where a five-year old parrot, called Strawberry, has beaten traders while playing the stock market. There were 10 human traders and one parrot playing as part of an experiment. Only two of the humans managed to beat the parrot. Which seems to prove what a gamble the stock market is.
What’s absolutley hilarious is that the general manger of the investment company carrying out the experiment held up the results as proof (they honestly used that word) that long-term investments are safe.

Who's a smart investor then?

Who's a smart investor then?

You can read more about Strawberry’s exploits here.

As amusing as it is, I make a genuine point about the stock market just being, at best, an educated guess. Both gamblers in a bookies and traders of stocks study the form. Both think that they can read the conditions better than other people. And both are addicted to the buzz of winning. But you can’t win all the time.
And when the stock markets drive much of the rest of the economy, we’re all at the mercy of these flutter merchants.
Still, nice to know that these companies could save themselves billions a year in bonuses by building and aviary and employing a few parrots.


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