New exhibits at Bristol Zoo.

August 28, 2009

Here’s a great little article I spotted on BoingBoing (a great site, full of interesting and unusual items, visit them here).
It’s a lovely little twist on the idea of what we go to a zoo for. Whoever has come up with this delightful idea has placed a placard outside the cafeteria. It talks about the humans inside the cafe as if they were exhibits at the zoo.
The copy is superb and reads exactly like the copy on a regular placard, which would talk about one of the animals in the zoo’s collection.
It is headed ‘Human’ with the latin ‘Homo sapiens’ underneath.
It then goes on to talk about the lifecycle of the average human. From the fact that we are one of the world’s most widespread species, to our gestation period and our behavioural patterns throughout our lives.
I particularly like the section on teenagers: “In adolescence, the offspring adopt a more nocturnal lifestyle and engage in ritualized activities of drinking fermented liquids and dancing to rhythmical sounds, which scientists believe may help them to find a mate.”
I’ve included an enlarged image of the placard so you can read the copy and enjoy its humour for yourself. Click here for an enlarged image.

Homo sapiens: the latest Bristol Zoo exhibit

Homo sapiens: the latest Bristol Zoo exhibit

I should point out that this is someone’s idea of a joke, and is not an official new exhibit from the zoo. It is, however, in Bristol the home of Banksy (click here to visit Banksy’s site).
To me it doesn’t feel like a real Banksy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very clever idea that is well executed. I just think that Banksy’s ideas tend to be more visual, rather than just relying on words to communicate the idea. But I could be wrong.
So next time you visit the zoo, be warned. The rest of the visitors could be paying close attention to you.


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