People of Walmart. A treat for those who enjoy laughing.

September 23, 2009

This is a brilliant blog with shots of people who go shopping in Walmart, in the US.
Nothing unusual about folks going shopping, you might think. And you’d be wrong. These people are just unbelievable. Surely one of them owns a mirror? Other shoppers (we assume with a degree of taste) see these people and decide that what they’re wearing is so fabulous that a picture has to be sent to the site.
And there are some that defy belief.
It’s like a US version of Asda. Which it is. Not only do many of them look like muppets, but they are so inappropriately dressed it’s not true. Like this picture below.

Please notice her top, please notice her top...

Please notice her top, please notice her top...

I can’t belive that she thinks that this hoody is OK. She’s standing right in front of two black guys who don’t look like you should mess with them. I hope they saw what she was wearing. See the site in all its glory here.
Almost as funny as the pictures are the comments underneath.
You should definitely read the About Us section of the site. It lets you realise that Americans find the same sort of stuff funny that we do.

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