Banksy and the retarded workmen of Hackney.

October 7, 2009

As someone who commands huge acclaim, and also huge prices, I would have thought that most of the Western world would have heard of Banksy by now. I would have thought that a team of council workmen in Hackney, in east London, whose job it was to clean graffiti from buildings, almost certainly would have heard of him.
Apparently not.
The Banksy image in question was the spoof tagging he did of the Royal family.

king graffiti

King graffiti

The image was put up by Banksy so that it could be photographed for the cover of the Blur single, ‘Crazy Beat’. The owner of the building gave her permission for the image to be painted. It is a private building, not owned by the council. But (and I know most of you will find this hard to believe from one of our normally oh-so-efficient councils) the council sent the letters informing the owner of their intentions to an address that was 25 years out of date.
And that’s part of the problem. No one at any point in the whole shambolic episode has taken any responsibility for what’s happening. They’ve done the absolute minimum possible to cover their own backsides. They’ve defended themselves by saying they sent out letters. But did anyone at the council bother to check why there was no reply? Did anyone think that, as this was a privately owned building, they should get permission before they defaced the building?
I saw this on the BBC site. You can check it here.
Here’s how it looked when she finally managed to get them to stop.

king workmen

king workmen

What’s even more galling is that the workmen smiled and laughed as the owner pleaded with them to stop.
I reckon that, as penance for being horrible, lazy and, ultimately, for breaking the law, the workmen should be forced to allow Banksy to tag an image onto their homes.
See how they like it when the boot’s on the other foot. Even better, don’t bother telling them. Just turn up when they’re at work and stick a 20 foot square mural on the front of their house.


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