Nike ‘ad’ with minimal branding and intrusion.

October 12, 2009

This is a beautiful film by a great British designer called James Jarvis. It’s supported by Nike. Which I guess means they paid for it, cause they thought it rocked. Watch the full four and a half minutes of beauty below.

I’ve kind of known about his stuff since the mid-90s when a few friends of mine worked at Slam City Skates in London. They were one of the main distributers of Silas clothing, who were the company that James worked for at that time.
He created a huge number of toys for the company, sort of by accident. He created the first ones as a promotional tool to introduce the new range of clothing. Soon they realised that the dolls were taking off in a big way. So they set up a separate company to make them. I’ve got an original King Ken, which you can see below.

King Ken in his original glory

King Ken in his original glory

I still have the box, but he roams free in my flat. What’s the point of having something ace if you can’t look at it and enjoy it?
Which brings me back to the film. The character in it is unmistakably created by Mr Jarvis. It has his mark all over it. The film also shows some lovely touches of humour and insights into the life of the obsessed runner.
And it has very low-key Nike sponsorship. Hats off to them for knowing a great piece of work when they see it (no surprise really, they’ve got lots of form for great work). And hats off to Mr Jarvis who has created something really beautiful and unusual looking. Visit his site here and check out more of his stellar stuff.
And then stick on your sneakers and go onwards.


One Response to “Nike ‘ad’ with minimal branding and intrusion.”

  1. Troutie Says:

    Don’t remembrt this one!!!

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