Another reason why you shouldn’t trust estate agents.

October 14, 2009

This is a story that reinforces all the negative stereotypes about estate agents. And is another reason that their profession almost always sits at the top of polls to find the least trustworthy businesses.
The advert offers an “exceptional fisherman’s cottage” in Romney Marsh in Kent. They point out its proximity to a nature reserve and also that it stands in rural isolation. Which all sounds very nice.
What’s not so nice is the fact that they omit to mention that it is right next door to Dungeness A and B. Or, in simpler terms, a nuclear power station. And we’re not just talking close, we’re talking in the back garden. As you can see below.

Some rooms with no view

Some rooms with no view

The power station also has planning permission to create a third nuclear facility, Dungeness C. So it’s likely that you’ll have them as your neighbours for quite some time to come.
And here’s what I don’t get. I understand that they want to sell the house, and that the power station might put people off. But they’re hardly likely to be happy when they turn up and discover the truth. And that’s where these estate agents fail to understand their target market (or human beings in general). They don’t enjoy people taking advantage of them. Or trying to pull a fast one on them. They’ll still reject the house for the same reasons as they would have if they’d known about it earlier. They’ll just hate the estate agents (Geering and Colyer, in case you were wondering) even more.
And there will be no sale. And the next estate agents will have a harder time as some people have already been lied to. And so on. It becomes a vicious circle.
Read the whole story here on the BBC site, and marvel at the superb reveal that shows just how big a compromise living in this cottage would be.
I’d advise any estate agents reading this to check the tagline at the top of this page: “Practice truth. Fear nothing.”
It means if you tell the truth from the outset noting can come back and bite you on the ass. Like a huge nuclear power station in your proposed new garden.


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