What a fantastic idea.
In Sydney they recently had a day where they closed the historic Harbour Bridge and covered it with a rich and luscious carpeting of grass.
It gave 6,000 lucky people the chance to see the bay from an angle you can normally only see from the window of your car.
Look at what they managed to transform the bridge into.

The turf being laid the night before

Let the picnic commence

Some view to enjoy with your breakfast

It happened at the end of October, and they’re talking about making it an annual event. They had a farmers’ market, local produce, live music and even a herd of cows to keep the grass trimmed.
Read more about the inaugural event here.
And think how great it is that people go to all the trouble involved in organising something this huge, inclusive and unusual.
Because you can bet if we tried it here the health and safety police would ruin it. “No grass on the ground, we’re afraid – it’s a trip hazard.”

Anyone who uses a Mac and has had the misfortune of being forced to use a PC at work already knows just how much PCs want to be Macs (and also just how terrible most PCs are).
And now Simon Aldous, partner group manager at Microsoft (nice title, by the way), has come out and admitted that what they’ve done with Windows 7 is “create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics”.
Or, if you prefer, copy OS10.
Microsoft have denied this (obviously) and called his comments “uninformed” and “inaccurate”. They also pointed out that he hadn’t worked directly on the Windows 7 project. But come on. We’ve all got eyes, and we can see what we can see. Read the whole story here.
And whilst I’m on about it, what’s with the adverts to promote it? I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea. Except the bits we copied from Apple. Like most of them.
Look at the new iMacs that Apple have just released and you’ll see just how stunning they are.

New iMac 2009

Simple, clean, efficient and easy

New iMac 2009 Wide


Big, wide screens (16:9). LED backlighting to give a brighter, better picture. Higher resolution. And tons of other technical stuff that makes them even better. Plus an ergonomic, slimline wireless keyboard and the new ‘magic’ mouse.
And they’re simple to use, powerful, clever, well-designed and beautiful. Just like things should be. And just like PCs are starting to become.
P.S. If you’re a PC/Microsoft supporter, please don’t bother me with why you think they’re better. They’re not (unless you’re gaming, then I’ll give you that). You’ve got more chance of persuading a god-botherer to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
P.P.S. If you’ve got time, check the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It’s a thing of genius and beauty that keeps growing legs (or noodly appendages). Read up and open your mind to the world of the Pastafarian.

On the way to work I passed this enormous conker in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh.

Giant Conker

I don't fancy trying to put a string through that

It’s an advert for a camera with an optical zoom function, which makes objects much bigger without losing any definition. (Thanks to Jason for the image of the conker).
You can see more great images on Flickr by clicking here.
I’ve now found their other outsized images online. You can see the other five giants that formed the campaign here.
The traffic cone looks pretty convincing too. But the massive conker looks amazing, even up close. Check it out if you’re going past St Andrew Square this weekend.

Twit t-who you looking at?

November 8, 2009

A great little story about a couple in the US who found a great horned owl at the side of the freeway (road).
He looked like he’d been clipped by a car, so they kindly caught him and dropped him off at a wildlife park.
But boy does he look mad.


Do you feel lucky? Well, do you punk?

Twit Twho You Looking At

The stare-out champion

The story has a happy ending as they later heard that the owl was doing well and was almost ready for release. Read the whole story and see more pictures of the owl looking a little less scary here.
Owls are a really interesting breed. They’re well known for having a ‘twit twoo’ call. This is a popular myth. All sorts of owls make all sorts of noises. But did you know that a different part of whatever variation of the ‘twit twoo’ sound they make is made by the male and the female. Generally the female says ‘twit’ and the male says ‘twoo’.
The great horned owl in this story is also fantastic at camouflage. Have a look at the image below. And then look again and you’ll just about manage to see the owl.

Great Horned owl camouflage.JPG

Now you see me?

Have a look here and learn more about the great horned owl on Wikipedia. Just so you’re forewarned in case you bump into one when they’re having a bad day.

This seemed to me the ultimate irony involving a statue.
The image below is in homage to the Scottish freedom fighter, William Wallace.

You'll never...oh, bugger

Unfortunately this statue was commissioned after the film ‘Braveheart’ had trampled all over historical fact to create a vehicle for Mel Gibson. Which is why a 13th century Scottish freedom fighter looks a heck of a lot like Mel Gibson.
What I find even more amusing is the fact that this statue of a historical figure who is most renowned for his statement ‘You can take our lives, but you’ll never take our freedom.’ appears to be caged. Hence his freedom is perpetually taken. Apparently the cage was erected to protect the statue after someone took a hammer to its head. You can read the whole story on Wikipedia here.

However the statue has now been removed to make way for a new restaurant and visitor centre. I guess that’s progress for you.
I remember Frankie Boyle (another Scottish legend) saying that when it was announced that Mel Gibson (an Australian/American) was playing the Scottish hero that no one would believe Gibson’s portrayal. And, as Frankie says, now look at Mel Gibson – an alcoholic racist. Almost the stereotypical Scotsman. Seems like he might fit in, after all.