Twit t-who you looking at?

November 8, 2009

A great little story about a couple in the US who found a great horned owl at the side of the freeway (road).
He looked like he’d been clipped by a car, so they kindly caught him and dropped him off at a wildlife park.
But boy does he look mad.


Do you feel lucky? Well, do you punk?

Twit Twho You Looking At

The stare-out champion

The story has a happy ending as they later heard that the owl was doing well and was almost ready for release. Read the whole story and see more pictures of the owl looking a little less scary here.
Owls are a really interesting breed. They’re well known for having a ‘twit twoo’ call. This is a popular myth. All sorts of owls make all sorts of noises. But did you know that a different part of whatever variation of the ‘twit twoo’ sound they make is made by the male and the female. Generally the female says ‘twit’ and the male says ‘twoo’.
The great horned owl in this story is also fantastic at camouflage. Have a look at the image below. And then look again and you’ll just about manage to see the owl.

Great Horned owl camouflage.JPG

Now you see me?

Have a look here and learn more about the great horned owl on Wikipedia. Just so you’re forewarned in case you bump into one when they’re having a bad day.


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