This rather tops the continental breakfast.

November 24, 2009

What a fantastic idea.
In Sydney they recently had a day where they closed the historic Harbour Bridge and covered it with a rich and luscious carpeting of grass.
It gave 6,000 lucky people the chance to see the bay from an angle you can normally only see from the window of your car.
Look at what they managed to transform the bridge into.

The turf being laid the night before

Let the picnic commence

Some view to enjoy with your breakfast

It happened at the end of October, and they’re talking about making it an annual event. They had a farmers’ market, local produce, live music and even a herd of cows to keep the grass trimmed.
Read more about the inaugural event here.
And think how great it is that people go to all the trouble involved in organising something this huge, inclusive and unusual.
Because you can bet if we tried it here the health and safety police would ruin it. “No grass on the ground, we’re afraid – it’s a trip hazard.”

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