Don’t try this at home. Times two.

December 10, 2009

Here’s a great advert for cycle safety in the Netherlands. It shows a couple of dudes on their BMXs pulling stunts.
Then night falls and you see them switch on some mad fluorescent lights on their bikes.

Lighting up time

Then they pull some more stunts, looking pretty cool with the bikes lit up (with more than a passing nod to Tron.). They then decide to ride down the angled, sloping roof of a building that’s about 20-storeys high.

Sizing up the monster downhill challenge

And then they just go for it. At the bottom one of them lands it, the other wipes out, pretty spectacularly.

A downhill ride with a difference

He gets up straight away, so he’s fine. And then the caption appears. It’s in Dutch, but it basically says: “If you want to stand out, just put your lights on.”
Which is lovely. Watch the whole advert here.

It reminds me a bit of the Inspired Bicycles video that features a mad rider called Danny MacAskill. He lives in Edinburgh and, quite clearly, has no fear and is pretty good at his chosen sport. Which is riding a bike in a hugely unusual and massively skillful way. Prepare to be blown away by watching the film below.

And then go dig out your bike and see how you measure up.

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