RBS board in quit threat? Good, let them go.

December 12, 2009

The RBS board have threatened to quit if the government stops them paying bonuses of £1.5bn to their investment arm.
So what? Let the board quit. No, encourage it even. Where else will these deluded muppets get paid shed-loads for doing the thin end of hee haw?
So let them quit and we won’t even have to give them a pay off.
Investment banking is the closest you can get to gambling, without actually visiting your local turf accountants.
We could just pop down to the local bookies and get anyone in there to come and run the bank. They’ll do as good as job as the white collared gamblers. And they’ll not expect £1.5bn in bonuses.
Alistair Darling went on to say that ‘there had to be “sufficient incentives” to ensure RBS got back onto a “proper footing”.’

Probably just sitting on his elbow somewhere

How about if you don’t do the job you’re well-paid to do we’ll get rid of you. That’s the world the rest of us live in. Imagine going into your work and telling your boss that you’ve managed to achieve the worst set of results in your company’s history. And then expecting a bonus for fixing the mess that’s already been made.
“Taking” and “the piss” are the words that spring to mind.

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