The PC brigade should leave now.

January 18, 2010

Those of an overly-political correct persuasion should not go any further. Pick up your coat and move quietly towards the exit.
The rest of us have a couple of great Fox Sports ads to enjoy.
Are they politically incorrect? Oh yes.
Are they offensive? Probably not (unless you need to get out more).
Are they funny? You bet your ass.
They’re for the Fox Sports network in the US of A.
And Fox Sports knows its audience. They’ve been making ads for them for many, many years. They’re males. Males who tend to like football (the US version), beer, bowling, pizza, and that sort of thing.
Fox Sports ads have featured on this blog a couple of times before. Their hugely funny campaign ‘snooker would be better if it was hockey’ and also the genius campaign showing products badly malfunctioning because their makers were too engrossed in the play-offs.
These two ads follow on in the same manner. They just take it that little bit further.
First up, the injury compensation claim specialist lawyer.

And then the storm update weather report.

And there you have it.
Just remember: he won’t football, sex, bowling until you pizza.


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