Once again someone seems to have escaped from the asylum.
In fact there seem to be several on the loose.
The story concerns two glass phials which are said to contain the ghosts of an old man and a young girl. I don’t mean to be unkind but the seller seems to me to be a few barks short of your full pedigree dog.
And someone paid almost £1,000 for them, so they’re clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic, too.

Look - I've caught one too

The seller, a Ms Avie Woodbury from Christchurch in New Zealand, said the ghosts had been ‘captured’ in her house by an exorcist and then stored in holy water.
She said that her dog ‘went mental’ and wouldn’t go into certain rooms. She continued:
“But after a member of a local spiritualist church performed an exorcism in July last year, the house had returned to normal.”
Which, roughly translated, should read:
“But after I decided to make a quick buck, I sold the phials and a media circus appeared before the house returned to normal.”
The site that was selling them had 220,000 hits in the week leading up to the auction.
Although some of the comments show that a number of these visitors were about as convinced as I am.
One suggested that he had discovered spirits in a cupboard in his house. He thinks they’re called Johnnie Walker and Jim Beam.
Read more about the story on the BBC site here.
And then laugh yourself silly at people who should have evolved enough to separate fairytale fiction from fact.
Nurse, I think it’s time for her medication.

I realise I’m bastardizing Rolf’s quote, but it seems to fit in this case.
This is some amazing art from a sculptor called Rob Mulholland.
I first became aware of his work when he did an installation of four figures at David Marshall Lodge near Aberfoyle.
He uses a mirrored Perspex to achieve the almost ‘invisible’ effect. Many people liken it to the effect of the Predator in the film of the same name from 1987.

If you can't see it, is it still art?

There’s a story about him and his latest project on the BBC website. He’s creating four figures to be placed at the top of Alloa High Street. And they should be in place by the end of March.
The artist sounds pretty interesting, judging by his website. He’s done some outstanding work. I love his ringpull, made from hundreds of cans of Irn-Bru (Scotland’s other national drink). Have a look at his site , and see how his mind works.

The artist installing his work

In his own words, here’s what he thinks about his mirrored Perspex effect:
“It alters reality. One moment you see them and the next moment they blend in. There’s an ambiguity to it. It doesn’t answer all the questions.”
If you’re in the east of Scotland after the end of March, I’d strongly recommend a little trip to Alloa.
And if you can’t see the figures when you get there, just try looking from a different angle.