How much does this bloke love his job?
Disclaimer: I’m not condoning riding a bike like this before you start emailing me about how irresponsible it is. I know it is. Of that there is no doubt. (If it bothers you, write to the people who originally posted the footage.)
But it doesn’t half get you on the edge of your seat watching it.

It’s footage shot from a chest-mounted camera of a bloke weaving through morning rush hour traffic in Moscow on his way to work. When you see how fast he wants to get there, you wonder what he does for a living?
Perhaps he irons the underwear of a supermodel, or is allowed to listen to the stereo belonging to the Russian President.
As a wee aside, the stereo is absolutely unbelievable. It reputedly cost £130,000. The speakers are £75,000 a pair. But, be fair, they do sound like a lot of effort has gone into them:
“The brilliant black piano finish of the M1 takes 8 weeks to apply. Each coat must be applied, left to dry thoroughly, and then sanded, coat-by-coat, until the final coat is applied and then polished to perfection. This level of artisanal workmanship is disappearing in today’s world of high-tech mass production, but it is alive and well at Daniel Hertz SA.”
I’m a big fan of music – jazz, hip hop, soul, funk, latin, reggae to name a few of my favourite genres. And I’d love to have a stereo that was even allowed in the same room as the President’s set up. But I’d love to hear his justification of spending state funds on what is, essentially, an outrageous luxury. I’d also love to stick him in a sound studio with a £1,000 stereo and his £130,000 version and see if he could tell the difference.
Anyways, back to the motorcyclist/lunatic.
Regardless of what he does, he’ll not be doing it for too much longer due to his unusual approach to riding a motorbike.
I reckon he clips a couple of cars and vans as he goes past, most noticeably at 5.32 when I think he touches a Ford Focus as he passes it. He seems to be both incredibly skillful and outrageously lucky. All it takes is one unexpected move from another driver and he’ll have a pretty shocking spill.
Still, on the plus side – he’ll only ever have one accident.
And if that’s whetted your appetite, check this out:

This one involves a car rather than a bike. It’s very early morning in Paris. And it’s eight and a bit minutes of hair-raising driving. The car just misses a bin lorry and a lady crossing the street, it passes another bin lorry with two wheels on the pavement and it takes several junctions on the wrong side of the road. Splendid.
The action is all shot from a camera mounted on the front of the car. If you’ve seen Shallow Grave you’ll have experienced the sensation of speed that action shot from this viewpoint conveys.
The film is called C’etait un rendezvous and it was shot by Claude Lelouch. You can read more about it here.
I tend to just ignore the comments below where the anoraks talk about the over-dubbing of Ferrari engine sounds over the action that was shot in a Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 6.9.
I tend to think ‘who cares?’ it still looks and sounds fantastic. It might be the most exciting 8 minutes and 40 seconds of your day.