Even more importantly, don’t poke a lion in the face with a large stick when all his pals are there too.
This story featured in the Guardian newspaper, and you can see more of it on their website, here. And CNN have got video of it. You can watch by clicking below.

The insanity happened in a Ukrainian circus.
If it wasn’t so terrifying it would be like a role reversal Keystone Kops moment.
The lion that is being prodded (hard) by the trainer decides it’s had enough and goes for him. The trainer manages to fend off the lion (almost). Then the lion’s pals join in. And so do a number of other trainers. But the lions, magnificently, manage to round up the trainers.
Another couple of trainers outside the ring join in, using a water cannon.
All the while the people watching the circus are leaving the big top. Very quickly. After all, there’s only a flimsy-looking mesh fence between them and 250kgs of killing machine.
The trainer needed hospital treatment. Although he should probably count himself lucky to still be alive. And that he wasn’t promoted to ‘dinner’ by his charges.
There’s a reason that lions are known as the King of the jungle. And it’s not due to their renowned patience at being poked in the face with a large metal pole.
Still, I’m on the lions’ side.

Would you mess with this?

As the old proverb says: “If you play with fire, you’ll get burnt.”
Or, to paraphrase: “If you poke a lion in the face with a stick, he’ll try and rip your head off.”
And, if you know your Chewin the Fat, “Mon the lions”.