Tax freedom day marks how much of the year the average person has to work before they’ve paid all their taxes to the government, and they can start earning money for themselves.
Go on, have a guess how much of the year you work for the man in the UK? March? Perhaps with the rise in VAT and all the other indirect taxes that they’ve increased you might even think April. You’re still miles off.
Tax freedom day in the UK this year is 30 May. So we spend 149 days working for the government before we start earning for ourselves.
It’s three more days than in 2010. And it’s likely only to get worse. You can learn more about it here.

How the government may start collecting taxes next year

Sometimes sitting on your arse claiming benefits looks like a smart move.
Why not actually tax the massive corporations? News International (The Sun, The Times, News of the World etc) have paid only a tiny amount of the tax they should pay over the last 20, or so, years.
As have countless other massive corporations.
So why are the government so reluctant to do anything?
Could it be that they’re too keen to get in with the corporations so they can line their own pockets once they’ve finished their governmental stint?
George Osborne has made some great noises about making a difference. But now that he’s in charge it’s still the little man who’s being taken for a ride and treated like a subsidiser for all the obscenely rich people in this country.
There’s a movement already started in the UK to try and force these shylock tax evaders to pay up. They’re called UK Uncut, and they’ve been targeting Philip Green’s Arcadia group (and Vodafone and others). It’s well worth spending a couple of minutes seeing just how stuffed we’re all getting as the rich get richer. Mr Green managed to avoid £285 million by paying the £1.2 billion dividend his group coughed up to his wife, who is a tax exile. Nice work, if your conscience doesn’t bother you about what you’re doing. You can read more about his immoral acts here.
Perhaps this state of affairs is best summed up by comedian Jon Richardson on the excellent Have I Got News For You. You can watch his take on Philip Green below.

Nicely put, Mr Richardson.
So remember to have a drink to celebrate on May 30th. You’ll have earnt it.