1,639,529 reasons to read what you’ve written

January 22, 2014

Deepak Chopra has 1,639,529 followers on LinkedIn. That’s 1,639,529 reasons to read what you write and make sure it makes sense before you send it to the world.


Here’s one they should really have spotted.

On his latest LinkedIn post he writes:
“Cosmologists are closing in one a radical theory of the universe that will link it to human life in a very intimate way. Instead of a cold, lifeless void, the cosmos is about to emerge as a living thing whose operations are intelligent and conscious. What does that have to do with meeting your next deadline and cutting your work week back from sixty to eighty hours? Let me explain.”

I think you’ll find that “Cosmologists are closing in ON a radical theory”. And why would you want to ‘cut’ your working week from sixty to eighty hours?
I’m sure he’s a very intelligent man. That’s why people follow him and read his advice. (I actually agree with his article – your brain is smarter than you are, so let it do its thing subconsciously and you’ll get a great result.)
Here’s a little free advice for Deepak – read what you’ve written.

Read it out loud.

If you do, you’ll not make simple errors in what you write.
Your ears will pick up any problems.
The simple rule is this – if you find it difficult to read, you need to rewrite it.
What Deepak says is still very interesting. And he obviously knows his stuff with that many people following him. But he risks alienating his audience, and losing them before he gets to explain what he really means to them.
One of the major rules of copywriting – read what you’ve written before you show it to the rest of the world.

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