Get your laughing gear around these Doritos.

February 3, 2014

These Doritos adverts won at the 1997 D&AD awards. They received the only gold pencil awarded that year. Which is pretty high praise (getting a silver pencil is the pinnacle of many a fine career). They were created by the agency BMP DDB and were written by Andy McLeod and art directed by Richard Flintham. (Andy and Richard also won silver pencils for the Ministry of Sound ‘Use your vote’ campaign the same year.)

I love these Doritos ads.

They’ve taken a crudely cut-out mouth and super-imposed it over the real mouth. And then added an amusing voice.

They stand out due to how they look. And, more importantly, how they sound.

They show a simple thought, beautifully executed.

They take the normal tone of voice expected from the ‘celebrity’ and mess with it.

There’s something lovely about an image that doesn’t quite fit with the sound that accompanies it.

These were sponsorship idents for film premieres on ITV. Generally idents are not done well. They tend to just get in the road and make the audience think that the break from the film is (at least) 10 seconds too long.

These, however, are beautiful and make a great connection between the product and movies.

The John Wayne one is lovely. John was originally called Marion Morrison, so the slightly camp twang to his voice is a nice touch.

They’ve given Brigitte Bardot a very down-to-earth bloke’s voice. Maybe I’m easily amused, but this juxtaposition of image and voice just makes me laugh.

Charlie Chaplin speaks in a street patois, they’ve got Robin Hood (Errol Flynn) as if he’s appearing on Bullseye, and Lassie giving out directions to almost GPS standard.

There are also ads featuring Bruce Lee, Oliver Twist, Terry Thomas and a Planet of the Apes special.

They’re simple, not too expensive to produce and they (clearly) stand the test of time. These ads were produced in 1997. And they still make me smile today.

“Rip it up, goodbye.”


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