Why the teacher is still the smartest person in the classroom

April 25, 2014

A maths teacher in Belgium was frustrated that his class weren’t paying attention.
He’d tried all the usual threats – extra homework and detention – but the class was still not paying attention.
So he had what I think is a superb idea.
He realised that the pupils were all huge fans of the TV series Game of Thrones.
And, as the teacher had read all of George R.R. Martin’s books, he threatened to reveal the names of all those who died in the forthcoming series.

How many are still alive?

How many are still alive?

He told then he’d reveal spoilers that would ruin the series for them.
To prove it he wrote a list of all the characters killed in the previous series.
He also told them that there were enough killings to make his threat last for the whole school year.
Teacher 1 Schoolkids 0.

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