More moronic advertising, from people who (clearly) can’t read

May 8, 2014

This time it’s for an ITV company. I sometimes despair at how bad they are at almost everything. If you’re watching a live stream on their ITV Player and it drops out they make you watch four adverts (that you’ve already watched) before they put your programme back on. And that’s just greedy (I assume they’ll count you as having watched the ads twice, as opposed to having tolerated them once and been annoyed by them once).
Their latest error is beyond stupid. It involves an online shop (owned by ITV) called ‘The Store’. It’s another desperate attempt by ITV to sell things.
Frame 1 shows a pair of fairly unattractive cross trainers. With 50% off as the flash tells us.

Stupid discount 2

Frame 2 shows us that, after this 50% discount a pair of £39.99 shoes cost £125.

Stupid discount 1

At the risk of repeating myself, how many people looked at this before it went live? ‘Quite a few’ is the answer.
There’s the person who wrote the brief. The person who wrote the ad. The person who programmed it. The client who signed it off.
That’s at least four people who didn’t spot a mistake I’d expect a child to spot.
Read what you’ve written.
Read it out loud. Always.
If you’ve made a mistake, reading it out loud will almost always let you spot it.
In this instance, they should just employ a six-year-old proofreader.
Companies who make mistakes as obvious and stupid as this don’t deserve our custom.
Perhaps our pity, but not a lot else.

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