A slower Internet speed? Step this way sir.

June 2, 2014

I was watching a live stream on the web the other day and I noticed the ad shown below.

Slower speed wanted

It shows (admittedly a completely made-up) speed that your PC (I was on a Mac) is operating at.
So, let’s suppose I believe that you can tell the speed of my computer, and suppose I am the sort of person who buys from an unknown company on the web, am I really going to pay money to have the performance of my PC (or Mac) slowed down?
The ad shows my ‘current’ speed to be 7 bars. They show my ‘Max speed potential’ to be 2 bars.
How many people looked at this before it went live? The answer is more than you can count on one hand. So why is it such a shambles?
It proves that you should always read whatever it is you’re about to communicate properly before you send it out to do your bidding.
Read it out loud. Always.
If you don’t read it aloud, then your brain will scan the words, rather than actually reading them.
You should also make sure you look at it in position, once it is ready to ‘go live’ on the site.
Don’t be scared to ask the build company to tweak things.
So make sure you read it aloud. And look at it where it’s going to run. It’s not difficult. It doesn’t take very long. And it could save you being the butt of some copywriter’s rant against idiotic and nonsensical communications that we all see every single day.
In the words of the people who are responsible for the stupidity above – fix it now.

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