I heard Stephen Fry on I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue doing a fantastic joke about Piers Morgan.
They were playing a round on ISIHAC where they have to give modern definitions to words.
For example, parsnip was given as “Dad’s vasectomy” and wallaby as “someone aspiring to be a kangaroo”.
Then came Stephen Fry’s immortal uttering:
Countryside means “to kill Piers Morgan”.
It’s superb.
I think it was originally a Willie Rushton joke. He, too, made the joke about Piers Morgan.
Which is why when Stephen mentions the word countryside there are a couple of laughs before he even delivers the punchline.
Draw your own conclusions from the fact that the same person is used as the stooge, many, many years apart.
You can listen to the clip below.

I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue is a superb comedy show. It treats its listeners as intelligent human beings.
A trait that many programmes seem to have abandoned. Sadly.
Any programme that delivers the countryside joke is worth a listen in my book.