Newcastle United’s fans clearly still have a sense of humour

October 15, 2014

2014 hasn’t been a great year for the dedicated, passionate fans of Newcastle United. They’ve seen a run of games where they’ve lost 16 of the 25 matches they’ve played this calendar year.

The fans seem equally angry with the owner and the manager. Given their form and results, you can sort of understand why. They’ve been doing quite a bit of protesting to try and get the manager sacked. I’m not sure I agree with wanting a manager to lose his job, but they’ve clearly had enough.

When they travelled to play Swansea a couple of weeks ago the fans unveiled a new banner. It’s a great, simple thought that plays on the unique make up of the Welsh language. It also plays on a visual that football supporters know well – the form guide. And everyone I know who has seen it has sent it on to other people they know – it’s a lovely idea that’s gone viral.

A new town in Wales? Or a Newcastle nightmare?

A new town in Wales? Or a Newcastle nightmare?

10/10 for the idea.
I hope the fans get a team worthy of the passion they display at each and every game.


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