Proof that politicians are hypocrites

October 23, 2014

Labour’s Tristram Hunt (a great monicker for all you rhyming slang fans out there) has suggested that teachers take a ‘Hippocratic oath’ before they’re allowed to teach.

And that just shows how out of touch he is. Most teachers are doing a great job. While having their hours raised, the amount of work they’re responsible for raised, and also dealing with children whose parents think schools will raise them and they don’t have to do anything themselves.

Add in the fact that there are almost no useful deterrents to stop out-of-control children nowadays, and you have to ask ‘who would want to be a teacher’?

Great teachers inspire; great politicians no longer exist.

Great teachers inspire; great politicians no longer exist.

The answer, generally, is someone who cares enough about a subject to put up with all the nonsense that surrounds the job and still try to educate our next generation.
So, why doesn’t Tristram stop trying to score political points and perhaps look a little closer to home?

Surely if anyone needs an oath, it’s the politicians?
How about they state before they’re allowed to decide our futures that they’ll try to be a decent person? How about they stop taking the piss with expenses and stuffing their pockets with cash from big businesses? And how about them just being decent of their own volition, rather than us having to spend millions changing the law to stop them being as bent as an eight-pound note?

Tristram suggests giving them a compass to help remind them they’re leading the next generation. Why not just give them a better rate of pay, and look at how we can regain control of classrooms from some children who think it’s a game to see how far they can push the teachers?

Or you could just blame the teachers! Which, from a politician, must be the ultimate insult.

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