O2 being a bit dim

October 29, 2014

Companies should always try to think like their customers. That way they won’t spend money releasing pointless service ‘improvements’.

I’m with O2 for my mobile contract. I’ve recently started receiving a text every time someone calls me and I don’t answer – to let me know that I’ve missed a call.
Does O2 not know how mobile phones work?
My mobile phone tells me each and every time someone has called me. And it has done for as long as I can remember.

The world's most pointless text message?

The world’s most pointless text message?

So why this new text alert?
I know I can turn it off.
But why turn it on at all?
It seems a colossal waste of someone’s time to have coded things so that it sends a text.
It’s a very extreme version of belt and braces. Or, as I prefer, a waste of time.
Think how much good could have potentially been done with that person’s time (or, more likely a whole team of people)!

Big companies should start thinking about what they ask people to do.
How much of it is a complete waste of time?
From my experience in a large financial institution, most people’s time is wasted on a regular basis.
O2 also don’t bother sending you a text to let you know you’re about to go over your minutes allowance. So, rather than allowing you to buy a (relatively) cheap bolt-on they charge you 40p per minute for each call.

So here’s a question for O2 – which service do you think would be more useful for your customers? A pointless text message to tell you who has just called you, or something that might save your customers money?
It’s not rocket science chaps.

And if you try putting your customers at the heart of every decision you make you’ll not make stupid mistakes like this. Well, you might, given your history, but you really shouldn’t.
Perhaps you should change ‘Be more dog’ to ‘Be more awake’?

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