Timpsons, the dry cleaners, have directly copied an idea from the US of A.

Not sure if that’s their doing, or their agency’s, but it’s a lovely idea.

Here’s the original story for the US of A.

Free dry cleaning for all

Free dry cleaning for all

It concerns a dry cleaning business in Portland, Oregon called Plaza Cleaners. They’ve been offering to clean an outfit for anyone who has an interview. For free.

Which is a superb thing for them to be doing.

Timpsons may have lifted the idea from the States, but it still managed to get them into all the UK press and online news outlets.

Which shows it’s a great example of doing something for free, but it not costing you anything.

We should all do this.

As often as we can.

Do something good, no matter how small.

There’s an amazing feeling you get when you see the spark of happiness in someone’s eyes.

Not having a job can be a traumatic experience. Nowadays you need money just to exist. And, if you have a family, the pressures are magnified.

And that’s where we can all help. Do something to help someone else. Whether that’s cleaning a suit for someone who’s going to an interview or taking a homeless person for lunch, just do it.

It’s a virtuous circle. The person you help feels valued and more positive. You feel good because you’ve made a difference. And the person you’ve helped will, more than likely, go on to try and help someone else.

We live life at such a fast pace now that we seldom stop to think about the things that surround us. So try it.

Stop what you’re doing and go for a walk.

Smile at people as you pass them.

If you see a homeless person buy them a coffee. Don’t just throw money in their cup. Stop and talk to them. Ask them what sort of coffee and sandwich they’d like. They’ll not only get fed, they’ll feel more human from talking. Like they’re actually worth talking to. It seems simple, but it’s so powerful.

We all have the power to make things better. And, generally, we’re predisposed to doing so. But we forget because we’re so focused on our own little worlds.

Remember. You. Can. Make. A. Difference.

Start today and make someone smile.

I’m happy to join in. If you’re applying for a job or writing a CV feel free to give me a shout and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

And to anyone out there who has done something selfless already today. Thanks.