There are a few simple things you should always do before you think a job is completed.

Read everything out loud. That’s right – out loud. (It forces you to read properly, rather than the skim-reading we do when we generally read.) If you can, get someone else to proofread what you’ve written too. But more than that, try your piece in the place it will be appearing.

I know that it’s easy to think that you’ve thought of everything and covered all the bases.

But until you create your advert / leaflet / app you’ll never know how it actually works.

Here’s a great example of a Conservative election candidate not paying attention to his electoral literature until it’s far too late.

Picture 1: smiling and happy

Picture 1: smiling and happy

Picture 2: Perhaps accurate, but not ideal

Picture 2: Perhaps accurate, but not ideal

Perhaps he was running in Scotland and he thought that self-deprecation might win them a few more votes? Although I suspect it’s just that no one paid enough attention to the leaflets. After all, they’re only leaflets.

However, these leaflets would have been placed through the door of every property in his voting area. And once you add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the others, a small mistake can take on epic proportions.

‘Measure twice, cut once’ is a good friend’s way of making sure this sort of nonsense doesn’t happen to him.

So always make a mock-up of your communication.

Sure it might take a while, but better to spend time on a mock-up rather than ending up with a complete cock-up.

P.S. I checked and Matthew Hancock won the West Sussex seat for the Tories in 2015. He enjoys a 15,000 majority and the next closest party is UKIP. Perhaps they’re just used to having cocks for MPs down there?